Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Doodle

At one point a month or two ago, I ran out of canvas. I have to drive at least 35 minutes to get to an art store, so I decided to just doodle until I needed to go to the area where the art store is. So, this is one of the many doodles laying around my room.

It's just a simple little flower.

Soon after I drew this, I found some chalk pastel pencils, and doodle many similar flowers, in different colors. Maybe I'll post them eventually.

Meg <3

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mickey Mouse Painting

I saw a really cute picture of Mickey Mouse, and thought he'd be fun to paint. And he actually was. So fun, in fact, that I think I'm going to paint a picture of Minnie in the near future.

So, tell me what you think! It's one of my personal favorites so far.

Meg <3

Monday, April 5, 2010

Once again, this post is not about a painting. I live in West Virginia, where the majority of jobs are coal-mining jobs. Today, there was a deadly explosion in an underground mine that killed 7 and about 20 are still unaccounted-for. I realize that many people are against mining, but I personally know several people who work there. My dad is a coal miner, though he doesn't work there. So, if you would, please keep these people in your thoughts/prayers and hope that the rescue crews find those 20 unaccounted-for people are found safe and uninjured.

Thank you,