Saturday, May 1, 2010


My birthday cake this year was really cute. It was a round ice cream cake, with green sides and a green ring around the top, red in the middle on the top, little black icing dots and ants. It was a watermelon! Woo! Haha. I kept the plastic ants, and deciding to sketch one. It's a reallllllllly rough sketch. But I've decided to expand my mediums of art. So, here it is:

Meg <3


  1. I think is a good enough sketch. Your strokes are firm and resolute. Happy birthday, I hope you didn't eat too much in your party.

  2. Happy birthday Meg! ;)

    Have fun at the parties :P

    Me gusta tu nueva obra de arte, tenes unos trazos muy finos.

    Best regards.