Thursday, November 4, 2010


If you watched Nickelodeon, particularly "Rugrats" in the 90's, you know who Reptar is. If not, he was the dinosaur in "Rugrats" that was in all of the movies/plays/TV shows they saw, on all of their cereal boxes, and on all of their little t-shirts. He was their favorite character, and became the favorite character of many real-life children as well.

Reptar has made a big comeback lately - he's on all sorts of t-shirts, backpacks, folders, jewelry, etc. So, I decided to paint him.

And I think he looks pretty cool :]

<3 Meg


  1. Es verdad! me hiciste recordar a Rugrats, yo tambien lo veia.

    Muy linda obra de arte!

  2. Gracias :] This was my favorite show when I was little :D