Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marlon Brando

After I did the doodles on the last post, I decided that I wanted to try painting something that would actually take some thought and be a little more challenging. So, I painted a portrait. This portrait is roughly based off of a picture of Marlon Brando..I didn't make them exactly alike, but I think you can sort of see the resemblance.

Original Photograph:

MARLON BRANDO Pictures, Images and Photos

My Interpretation:

I don't think it's that awful. Maybe even pretty good for my first attempt at a portrait. I felt pretty successful after painting this one, so I went on to paint several more black/white portraits on a colorful background. I think I've done around 10. Some weren't so successful, unfortunately. I'll post them eventually.

So, feel free to make suggestions, give me tips, or criticize.



  1. Beautiful pieces. Nice work. Congratulations

  2. Meg, Thank you for following my photoblog and if you ever want to try any of my photos for painting...I would be honored. Everyone has to start somewhere and you certainly have started great! Good luck with your passion for painting...If the passion is there...half the work is done!