Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First Acrylic Paintings

In honor of my first blog post ever, I decided to post my first paintings ever. There are six of them, but I won't post that many on an everyday basis. I turned 19 in December, and for my birthday, my parents bought me an acrylic paint set for beginners. It came with a few boards of canvas, some brushes, some paint, and an easel. I started doodling and this is what I came up with:

I'm not really sure why I painted this. In the picture, the angle and flash are both weird, so try to ignore that.

This one was literally just a doodle. No thought behind it whatsoever, which probably isn't good.

I SERIOUSLY need a new camera. This picture looks so scratched up and messed up, but I promise it isn't. I've been told several times that people want to design bedrooms or living rooms around this little doodle. I think it'd be pretty cool.

I don't like watermelon. But I think they're pretty.

Again, sorry about the flash. I like this one, but I've never been able to put my finger on why I like it.

And this is the last one for the day. Promise. I painted this one after I opened a birthday gift. Hence the bow.

These were my first acrylic paintings ever. I think I've gotten better at painting, but I won't be the judge of that. So, please leave feedback, comments, tips, constructive criticism, etc.


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  1. Hi Meg, how nice to be given a 'beginners acrylic paint set' for your birthday, that is a gift that will give you hours of enjoyment and to express your individual style of painting.
    I like them all, especially your doodle, it reminds me of a wave and foam, or the wind blowing many leaves, lovely colours, so too your tree and the white dandelion.
    My art skills are very basic as I don't practice enough, but I have a few great artists who are followers of my blog in my sidebar, I'm sure you would gain some inspiration from a visit to their blogs.
    They are chickory; between dreams and daylight;bubbly foam to mention a few.
    Happy painting, Dianne ... ♡