Friday, March 12, 2010

Epic Fail

I love the picture "War's End Kiss," a photo taken in New York City when it was announced that WWII had ended, so I wanted to paint it. I didn't want to try to copy it exactly, so I tried to make it colorful and cute.

Original Picture:

wars end kiss Pictures, Images and Photos

My Painting:

I think it's hideous. His mouth makes it look like he's blowing into her mouth, giving her CPR or something..This is definitely one of the worst I've done. But, I don't want to only post my good paintings. The point of this blog is to get advice and tips, so I might as well post the bad paintings.

So, tell me what you would have done differently, give me a tip on how to fix it, etc., etc.

Meg :]


  1. Wow! Esa es una foto muy importante para el mundo, el fin de la guerra. Tu pintura es sencillamente genial.

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  3. Actually, I like this one better than the Brando (my favorite actor too, by the way). The "CPR" aspect of this one gives it a unique quality--one could say it's making a statement about kissing--that love can breathe life into us, perhaps!
    I would say make an exaggerated statement like that, at least sometimes, and it could become your trademark and help you to stand out from the rest.

    In painting Brando, the same thing. Take the one quality that made him stand out--that fiery essence if you will- and bring that out a little more.

    I think you're talented, and I hope this helps.